Finance and Accounting

PrideBPO’s finance and accounting solutions help CFOs and accounting and finance personnel leverage their existing resources and focus on higher value activities while simultaneously delivering cost savings. Our global delivery model allows us to efficiently standardize finance and accounting functions, resulting in streamlined processes and cost reductions between 30-50%.

General Ledger

PrideBPO provides a number of solutions for the maintenance of your general ledger, which is critical for any company that utilizes double-entry accounting. Our team can help create value by posting journal entries, reconciling accounts, and reviewing errors.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliations are time-consuming, error prone, and divert your accounting department’s attention from its core responsibilities. PrideBPO’s bank reconciliation solutions help identify timing differences and discrepancies between your records to enhance cash flow management.

Accounts Payable

Our accounts payable team applies process re-engineering and task-level automation to improve processing time and reduce costs. Services include invoice processing, document management, posting of payments, and check dispersal.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable reporting and aging analysis help companies determine their credit risk exposures. Furthermore, PrideBPO offers AR collections services to help reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow.