About Us

PrideBPO is a leading business process optimization (BPO) firm providing a wide range of back office services to a diverse and growing clientele. We collaborate with our global clients to deliver both customized and standardized solutions in areas including insurance claims processing, full-service finance and accounting support, recruitment process outsourcing, and revenue cycle management. The solutions we create are a product of our customer-centric approach to discovery, design, and implementation. We offer integrated product and service solutions that provide our clients with cost-effective and scalable business processes. We have created a highly focused transition methodology that helps companies successfully streamline their business operations.

In order to ensure privacy, security, and compliance at every stage of our business, we have established comprehensive and robust compliance programs to safeguard all sensitive and confidential data. PrideBPO is ISO 9001:2015 certified on the basis of continual improvement initiatives related to the transparency of data and increase in quality of services provided to our clients.

PrideBPO is ISO 27001:2013 certified to ensure our client’s data is protected at all times. The ISO 27001 certification is designed to assist organizations in establishing and maintaining an effective information management system including principles for governing the security of information systems. All our employees are trained regularly to adhere to stringent security procedures and guidelines to protect the data entrusted to us.